Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Working Outside

Thankfully, we have been getting quite a lot of rain and this portion of Texas is no longer in a drought.  This has actually put a damper on our yard work, but no one is complaining.  Yesterday after the showers in the morning, we got our tomatoes, peppers, parsley,  and lavender planted.  This year I am trying two heirloom tomatoes, again.  We will see how they work out. I also planted some scarlet flax and salvia, which Lowe's said would only grow to 24 inches, although several places on the web said it would grow to 3-5 ft..  This should be interesting because I am planning on 24 inches because it is right along the side of my patio.  We will just have to see who is right.   I have added some more gerber daisies to fill in some of the blank spots.  They are doing the best that they ever have this year.

This weekend our oldest Grandson ( 8 years) is coming over to spend the night.  We are planning on doing some fun things with him, such as going to the lake to find the birds, going to the planetarium, and if he still wants to, working in the yard.  He loves to learn about the plants and also loves digging in the dirt.  What can I say??

Have a wonderful weekend!

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